Adam Thomsen

Owner / Senior Consultant

Over the years I have obtained an array of skills and experience in the marine construction industry. Combining my skills as a draftsman, moorage facility designer, commercial scuba diver, and permitting manager, I have developed all of the necessary abilities and contacts to facilitate the Crown Land tenure application process. Having a background in commercial scuba diving has allowed me the opportunity to work alongside Registered Professional Biologists. From this I have gained insight into environmental mitigation measures and moorage system installation techniques essential in designing moorage systems that fall within Federal, Provincial, Municipal, and First Nation requirements.  

In the past I have been involved in projects with Small Craft Harbours as a Marine Harbour Inspector and as a Marine Construction Quality Assurance Inspector. I have also acted as an Engineers’ Representative for The Department of Fisheries and Oceans. 

I am originally from Gibsons and moved to the B.C. interior to attend college. I now live in Sechelt with my wife and three children, and have been a member of the Volunteer Fire Department there for ten years.