I pay taxes on my dock, it’s on my property assessment. Does that mean I have a dock permit?

NO! You can’t assume that you have a foreshore licence for your dock just because you pay taxes on it. You pay taxes on a dock structure regardless of whether you have a current licence, your licence has expired, or you do not have a licence at all.

Will a legal tenure increase the value of my property?

YES! A valid foreshore licence will considerably increase the resale value of your property.

Could bylaws or regulations change to make it impossible for me to install a new dock or to obtain a licence for my existing dock?

YES! There are a growing number of areas in British Columbia where the installation of a private or commercial moorage is prohibited.

Does All Tides Consulting work for the Government?

NO! All Tides Consulting is an independent marine consulting company that works for its clients who are looking to obtain Crown Land foreshore licences from the government. Initial client consultations are free and confidential.

How long does the application
process take?

Currently the application process with The Ministry of Lands is taking
approximately 8 to 14 months.